LiveCLIQ is a venture backed, San Francisco based media services startup company enabling media properties, brands and carriers to use media campaigns to provoke responses from their viewers and customers in the form of live and recorded video streams and pictures from their mobile phones and computers. This theme-focused contributed user media can be edited and published to web destinations, mobile phones and broadcast streams.

LiveCLIQ has enabled single click streaming live and recorded videos from mobile phones to specific destinations. Mobile phones now include video cameras. Mobile data networks can now easily carry video to and from mobile devices. The Company’s management team capitalized on these developments and developed user-friendly mobile software and web-based media library, channel and publishing tools to enable bi-directional mobile video services easily deployed to the mass-market.

The Company’s founders include product and business leaders from Apple, Microsoft Xbox, Netscape, Motorola and MobiTV. The Company is based in San Francisco, California with software development in US and Europe.

For more information please visit www.livecliq.com